Karen Sedgley was born in Philadelphia where her heart will always live.  Her father was a traveling salesman and her mother a housewife. Her first report card said: “Karen is a bright girl but she socializes too much and makes everyone laugh and disrupts the class, she clowns when she should be working”…and so it began. She wanted to perform. She started with ballet until her mom was told the chubby five year old would never morph into a prima ballerina.

Relieved, she begged for acting lessons. She began at seven and never looked back..always putting on plays and playing dress up while her tom boy sister climbed trees. She did local theater in Philadelphia and majored in Theater at Temple University.  She left early to travel the world.  Finally, she made her way to Los Angeles and joined La Mamma Hollywood and The Groundlings and got hooked all over again.  She is a Groundling Alumni.

She wrote some stand up comedy in Philadelphia. She thinks stand up comics are the bravest people in the world. Her love has always been comedy. What could be better than making someone laugh?

Within a couple of months in L.A. she was picked up by the very respected Bauman and Associates and on her first audition she landed a series regular on a pilot.

Leaving the business for many years to become a successful clothing and jewelry designer she often worked with wardrobe departments and actresses on sets, spending endless days on sound stages. One day a lead actress in a series said to her, “don’t you just hate being in this cold dark place all day?” She thought ..NO!  there is no place else I’d rather be. It was a long and winding road but recently she has returned to acting and has never been happier.



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